Naming of functional groups


As far as I've gotten. To be expanded!

Functional groups, listed in decreasing priority
Carboxylic acid Carboxylic acid Prefix: carboxy
Suffix: carboxylic acid or oic acid
Acid anhydride - Prefix: -
Suffix: acid anhydride
Ester - Prefix: oxycarbonyl
Suffix: oate or ester
Acid chloride Acid chloride Prefix: chlorocarbonyl
Suffix: oyl chloride
Amide Amide Prefix: carbamoyl
Suffix: amide or carboxamide
Nitril - Prefix: cyano
Suffix: nitril
Carbonyl - Prefix: oxo
Suffix: -
Aldehyde Aldehyde Prefix: formyl
Suffix: al or carbaldehyde
Ketone Ketone Prefix: oxo
Suffix: one
Alcohol Alkohol Prefix: hydroxy
Suffix: ol
Thiol - Prefix: mercapto
Suffix: thiol
Amin - Prefix: amino
Suffix: amine
Imine - Prefix: imino
Suffix: imine
Ether - Prefix: alkoxy
Suffix: ether
Sulfide - Prefix: alkylthio
Suffix: sulfide
Halide -F, -Cl, -Br, -I Prefix: halo
Suffix: -
Nitro -NO2 Prefix: nitro
Suffix: -