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Welcome to Michael Pilgaard's Web Chemistry. The site is still a bit of a mess while I get the transition from Pilgaard Solutions in order.

What happened to Pilgaard Solutions?
Gone! Sort of... I split it up to refocus my efforts. The World is changing, and not entirely for the better, so this site will continue with educational material, while the table of the elements and the polymers have been move to two separate sites.

Reaction types

Redox reactions
Flocculation and coagulation
Resonance structures

Acids and bases



Electrode potentials
Electromotive force (EMF)
Calculations on equilibria
Calculations on energies
Calculations on charges


Electrical currents and how they behave
Electrical conductivity and resistivity
Thermal conductivity
Conductivity of ions

Safety at work with chemicals

Safety of chemicals
Labelling of chemicals
ADR transport pictograms and hazard classes
GHS pictograms and hazard classes
GHS Hazard and Precautionary Statements (H/P phrases)
Risk and Safety Phrases (R/S phrases)
Hazard symbols for chemicals


Ions - names and formulas
List of functional groups
List of decadic prefixes
Naming of numbers
List of aliphatic chain names

Organic and inorganic molecules

Inorganic compounds
Organic compounds

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Pilgaard Legacy

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